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Displaying a stream in an overflow room

Our streaming is via YouTube but as the streams are unlisted the best way to locate them is via the "CMS Live Streaming" branded account which owns the channel. Ask Mick Young to add you to this account - you will need a personal Google account because your @cam account is signed up to Google G Suite@Cambridge which does not include YouTube.

To set up streaming in an overflow room before an event:

  • Check that the PC is connected to the projector and that its speakers are plugged in and switched on.
  • Go to
  • Ensure that you are using the "CMS Live Streaming" account (check that your account icon in the top right is a capital C). You may need to log into your personal Google account then switch accounts to this brand account.
  • In the bottom right there is a link "View on watch page" - click this to display the stream.
  • Switch the video to full screen.

Recordings of earlier streams can be found on the Live Dashboard under Video Manager. Here you can change the title of your videos to something more descriptive or delete unwanted videos.