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Wireless laptop connections

The CMS offers two wireless networks: eduroam and UniOfCam.

  • eduroam is a secure roaming access service which makes it easy for members of one university with eduroam to connect to the Internet wirelessly from any other university with eduroam. Because it is more secure than the other networks, it offers a fuller range of network services, and it is the recommended choice of wireless network.

    eduroam needs to be configured before first use, but thereafter will "Just Work". Cambridge users should refer to the UIS's configuration instructions. Visitors should configure their computers for eduroam access before leaving their home university, consulting with their local computer support if necessary. If your home university does not support eduroam yet, you will have to use UniOfCam instead.

    Technical details about the CMS eduroam setup

  • UniOfCam is recommended for those who cannot use eduroam e.g. because their home institution does not support it. Short-term visitors can authenticate to this network with a University wireless ticket. If you have not received yours, please ask Reception or a Computer Officer for one. Staff, students and long-term visitors should use their Raven password to authenticate. If you do not have a Raven password or have forgotten it, please speak to a CO.

Connect to the most suitable wireless network. If you are using eduroam, you do not have to do anything else - you are now connected to the Internet. If you are using UniOfCam, your web browser may automatically start up at an authentication page where you can log in with your Raven password or UniOfCam ticket. Otherwise, start it up yourself and try to visit a website outside Cambridge beginning with http not https e.g . You will be redirected to the authentication page.