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Connecting your own computer to the Maths network

Connecting to the University WiFi - what you need

To connect to the University's WiFi while at the CMS you will need one of the following.

  • An eduroam token. This is recommended because once configured it will work at any university that supports eduroam and you won't need to log in each time you start up your computer
  • Visitors who do not have access to eduroam can use the UniOfCam-Guest WiFi instead.

Please note that accessing the University's WiFi will not by itself enable you to access CMS facilities such as role drives or the Maths database. You will need to be connected to the Maths network by the Maths VPN

Connecting to the CMS wired network

In places where the WiFi is not reliable you may prefer to connect your computer to the wired network. Currently this is a bit "tedious". Not all network sockets are connected to the network and a network socket that is connected to the CMS desktop network will not allow a personal device on the network (and vice versa).

  • Configure your device the same as for wireless
  • Identify a socket in your office marked for the "laptop network". If none appears to exist make a note of the number above the socket that you would most like to use and tell help@maths.
  • login with your eduroam token