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Unable to start firefox on Linux ("firefox is already running" type of error message)

If firefox closes unexpectedly it may leave it's lock file behind preventing you from starting it again. The easiest way to do this is to type


on the command line.

You should now be able to start firefox

Unable to access Google Maps

If you are using your Uni Google account you may not be able to access Google Maps and some other services (possibly the error message talks about an institutional block). The root cause of this is that you have to 'opt in' to access some Google services and Maps is the main one. You can do this from a link on this UIS page. Alternatively, you can open a private browser to access Maps.

I have a new smartphone and cannot now use the MFA authenticator app

If you get a new smartphone (and no longer have access to your old one) you may not be able to  set up the authenticator app on your new phone. If so, you will need to email the UIS Service Desk <> and ask them to reset your current MFA methods. Please note that we, Maths IT, cannot reset this for you NOR will UIS accept our instructions on your behalf. UIS will likely ask for your date of birth to help verify you so you may wish to provide this in your initial contact.

This problem can be prevented by setting up more than one MFA method.

I have received an image from an iPhone (or other Apple device) and cannot open it

The file is probably in the heic format rather than jpeg. You can convert it by using a site such as

How do I stop Teams or Skype from starting up every time I log into my linux desktop?

From the linux command line:

cd ~/.config/autostart

rm skypeforlinux.desktop

rm teams.desktop

How do I edit my email address or my name on my profile page?

Instructions are provided here

Unable to start chrome on linux (no error message)

Most likely a lock file is preventing chrome from starting. Either you do indeed have another instance of chrome running OR chrome crashed and left the lock file behind. If you are sure that you do not have chrome running you can safely run the command:

rm -i $HOME/.config/google-chrome/SingletonLock