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Faculty of Mathematics


Various postgraduate courses of a mathematical nature are available at the University of Cambridge, including both taught courses and research degrees.

Part III / Master of Mathematics / Master of Advanced Study (MMath/MASt)
This course, commonly referred to as Part III, is a one-year taught course in mathematics.  It is an excellent preparation for mathematical research and it is also a valuable course in mathematics and in its applications for those who want further training before taking posts in industry, teaching, or research establishments. Students attend lectures and take written exams at the end of the course. There is also an option to submit an 'essay' on a topic of current interest.
Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.)
One-year courses focussing on different areas of mathematics and related disciplines are offered by various departments and institutes within the University.
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)
The Faculty of Mathematics offers training for a Ph.D. Degree. Students spend around three years conducting original research in mathematics, before submitting a single dissertation and taking an oral examination.
Cambridge Centre for Analysis (CCA)
The Cambridge Centre for Analysis is an EPSRC-sponsored Centre for Doctoral Training offering a four year course in Mathematical Analysis leading to a Ph.D.
Faculty of Education Courses
The Faculty of Education offers