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Printer configuration for Windows 8 and 10

Printer setup

Note: the images in this page are taken from Windows 8, however the instructions have also been successfully tested with Windows 10.

If you follow these instructions and have problems, please see the bottom of this page under Problems

Press the Windows key and the R key on the keyboard at the same time to bring up the Run box, which looks like this:

In the Run window enter:


and hit return (or click OK).

and you should see available printers:

List of printers in a window

To ensure you see all the details pick Details from the "View" menu at the top right, or do it the old way and hold down the Alt key and tap V.

Pick one of the printers, and double-click on it to connect:

Connecting to b2 on

You will be asked if you trust the printer so click on "Install Driver"

Do you trust this printer?

A User Account Control confirmation dialogue box will appear, asking "Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer?" about "Printer driver software installation". Say "Yes"

After the drivers have been installed you should get the new printer queue appearing.

New printer queue window.

The printing preferences can be obtained from the Printer menu option which will let you select things like duplex mode (on printers which are known to support it).

Printing Preferences

You can also select Properties from the Printer menu if you want to check about the printer including location and department:

Printer Properties



\\ is not accessible

If you get an error box appearing like this:

\\<br />
					      is not accessible.  You<br />
					      might not have<br />
					      permission to use this<br />
					      network resource

You can try pressing the Windows key and the R key at the same time to bring up the Run box:

Run box

In the Run window enter:

cmdkey / /user:guest

Error 0x000006d1

If you get an error box appearing like this:

Windows<br />
					      cannot connect to the<br />

Click the little down arrow next to See details and if the resulting dialogue box looks like this:

Windows cannot<br />
					      connect to the printer.<br />
					      Operation failed with<br />
					      error 0x000006d1 should download the file win8print.reg and double-click it. Windows will ask you whether you want to import the settings in this file into the Registry. You should say Yes, and then restart your computer. Then try adding a printer again following the steps in this page.