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Generic Printer configuration instructions for Mac OSX

Important: These are generic instructions. If you need the instructions with pictures for any certain Mac OSX release please return to the printing index page and look for it there. Newer releases may take a while to be added.

In the print and scan preference menu

(1) Get the 'advanced' tab into your printer setup window.

Click on the '+' button as if to add a printer

Then control - click (or your computer's equivalent) over the grey area at the top.
An edit toolbar menu / customize toolbar option appears. Select this.

Now you are in the toolbar editing menu. Find the advanced icon (looks a bit like the settings cog) and drag it up into the toolbar behind.

Click done.

(2) Now back in the add printer box click on advanced.

From Type -> select Internet Printing Protocol.

for URL -> ipp://

for example:

Name -> Whatever human readable name you wish to call the printer.

Use -> Select printer software and select the printer type in the list.

( If your laptop is missing the approriate drivers you need to download them first by going to and looking for the most recent drivers. We usually use HP here. )

Click Add.

Ignore the error about not being able to verify the printer on the network. Now a printer config window appears. Set duplex and printer type if you need. Save and exit out as the buttons prompt.

(3) To add another printer, click on the '+' sign in print and scan preferences and then follow instruction (2).


Any problems - email us via Please include your CMS location in the email.