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Department Plus Addressing

Plus_addressing can be used for sending and receiving email.  It is essentially your crsid + any_random_string @ maths_department For example: or

Please only use numbers, letters, and underscore (_) , hyphen  (-) and full stops (.) .

Some people find it useful to use them in mail filters for example for having mail automatically delivered to a specified mailbox (e.g. The part after the plus symbol is a folder name: any email to that address would automatically be filtered into the Frog folder (case sensitive) - if the folder doesn't exist the mail is delivered into the Inbox as usual.

The University Email Service (ExOL) only allows registered addresses to be used as sending addresses. To register a plus address go to:
to fill out the part after the plus sign and choose the maths email domain for it. 
Then wait about an hour for the address to be made life.  (If it seems stuck contact the maths helpdesk).

University Plus Addressing (@cam addresses)

You can receive email from however you cannot send from such an address.