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Backups and Archives

It is important to back up valuable data especially your research. A quick Google found the following horror stories about the potential consequences of failing to back up your data:

Maths System Backups

Data kept in your home directory on departmental machines is backed up every day by the computer officers (with some exclusions). Email is also backed up daily (if it is on Hermes, it is backed up by the UIS rather than the Maths CO team). Files in data and scratch spaces are not backed up.

Windows users may call their home directory their N: drive. It is still stored on one of the Maths servers and it is still backed up regularly. The Desktop and My Documents folders are redirected to subdirectories of the N: drive, so these are backed up too. However, anything you save to drive C: will not be backed up automatically.

Laptops and non computer-officer managed machines

Data kept on laptops is not backed up by the computer officers. If you are keeping valuable (especially research) data on a laptop, please make sure you back it up. Any machine which you administer yourself or which is connected to the laptop network counts as a laptop for this purpose.

If possible, you should arrange for your important data to be backed up automatically without you having to remember to do it. The easiest way to do this is to use our laptop data backup service which backs up your laptop to our server "tardis".

An alternative is to use the built-in backup software which probably came with your computer. This will allow you to save your backups to a DVD or memory stick, so is preferable if you are often away from the Internet.