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Faculty of Mathematics


Email Lists

Maths Email Lists

Lecturers, Senior Lecturers, Readers, Professors, Assistant Directors of Research.

Senior Research Associates, Research Associates, College Research Fellows, Research Assistants, College Teaching Officers.

Postgraduate research students.

All of the above email lists.

Maths visitors.

Women in Maths

For female maths UTOs.

For female maths NUTOs.

For female maths academic-related staff.

For female maths admin staff.

For female maths research students.

For female maths MMath/MASt students.

For female maths undergraduate students.

Pavilion Email lists

Everyone who has an office in CMS should be on a pavilion list. To check you are on the correct list look at your lists page. To subscribe or unsubscribe to a pavilion list click on its name.

CMS all

The list cms-all may not appear on your list of lists. This is because any emails that are sent to cms-all are sent onto dpmms-all, damtp-all, statslab-all, cca, CMS reception and the graduate office.  

Events Notifications

Events Notifications. This list is part of the noticeboard system. Send events to be advertised to Unlike cms-all, membership of this list is optional and it is also open to undergraduate students.  To subscribe to the list please click on its name.  You must have an address ending in to subscribe.  (The list archives are public).

Computing and IT

All users of Maths computing and IT services are welcome to sign up for these lists.

Undergrad Email Lists

Email to undergraduate lists may only be sent by authorised people. The Undergraduate Office decide who these authorised people are. If you need to send an email to an undergraduate list, send the email to the appropriate list. If you are not on the authorised list of people, your email will be held for moderation, and then sent onto the list by one of the moderators. If your email is moderated and is time critical, please alert the Undergraduate Office by sending an email to, who will moderate your message as a matter of urgency.

Part III email lists

Master of Mathematics Students

Master of Advanced Studies Students

Astronomy students taking PartIII courses

All other students taking Part III courses

If your email is suitable for all Partiii students please email iii-all@maths

MPhil in Computational Biology

Careers for Mathematicians

The Faculty maintains a number of mailing lists for course and job adverts for undergraduate and postgraduate mathematics students.

For more information on how to advertise or subscribe to these lists please check our careers page.