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Maths Windows Network Drives


A network share or just a share is a resource which a "Samba server" makes available to Windows machines over the network. These have names of the form \\domainname\sharename (only works locally) or \\servername\sharename (more likely to work remotely, subject to firewalls). For example, your home directory is (replacing "CRSid" with your login name)

  • \\mathsdom\CRSid on a Maths Windows machine
  • \\\CRSid on a laptop using eduroam inside the CMS.

It's possible to access a network share directly by name, but since this is clunky we usually map a network drive to it, so that instead of talking about \\mathsdom\CRSid all the time we can just refer to drive N:.

Some network drives, in particular your N: drive, are set up automatically when you log into a Maths Windows PC (including the RDS server). If these drives go missing, try rebooting before following the instructions in this page, which are mainly aimed at those who want to access Maths network drives from their laptop or who need one-off access to a particular drive.

How To Map A Network Drive on Windows

  1. Click Start -> Computer (Control Panel or any folder listing will also work).
  2. On the Tools menu, click Map Network Drive.
  3. In Drive, select the drive letter to use.
  4. In Folder, type the name of the resource (share) you want to connect to. For example \\mathsdom\CRSid (replacing CRSid by your own login name) for your home directory, though this should be mapped automatically.

To connect to your N: drive from a laptop using eduroam in the CMS, you would type \\\CRSid in the Folder box. You would also need to tick Connect using different credentials and enter your Maths Windows username and password.

Alternatively, you can use the command line, which will also work on other versions of Windows.

net use N: \\\username /user:mathsdom\username


  • If an attempt to connect fails, or you can view files on the network drive but not edit them, please consult help@maths.
  • To reconnect to the mapped drive every time you log on, select the Reconnect at logon check box.
  • Mapped drives are available only when the host computer is also available.
  • You can assign a mapped drive to a different drive letter by disconnecting from the drive and then remapping it to a new drive letter.

Some Maths network shares

your home directory (N: drive)
Maths websites
Statslab websites
Faculty Office files
Graduate applications

There are many more "role" drives, mostly for admin staff. If you need to use them they should be set up for you automatically.