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Leaving the department - computer access

  • UIS will contact you about the accounts you have with them (Raven, university email) . This typcially happens one week to one month after you leave the university.  Read their email carefully as it tells you what to do in the few situations where keeping access is allowed. If you need an extra couple of months to finish off there is an option for that in the email.
  • Maths will contact you about your maths login and maths email when you leave maths. This covers DAMTP, DPMMS, Statslab, Isaac Newton and Maths. 

       In the email you receive  from maths will be instructions on what to do if you need to keep access. Typical reasons include

  • Collaborating - an established academic member of DPMMS or DAMTP arranges for this. 
  • Supervising - speak with the undergrad, graduate or maths HR office
  • Research student not yet finished - contact the maths graduate office.
  • Needing some time to finish off, transfer data etc - use the self service form after you receive our email. 
  • People who haven't left - if we've made an error contact the maths HR office (or maths graduate office if you are a research student) to get your entry on the department database updated. 

Your maths email addresses are redirected for a year after you leave.  Then we switch to using a contact address system just like the UIS. 

Depending on when you leave sometimes the UIS will have cancelled your university email before the maths automatic processes have emailed you.  To ensure you get our communications please update your department email redirection when you leave.

Before you leave please consider the data you have on our system.

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