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To access fawcett users need to ssh to The direct access is possible only from desktops managed by Maths IT team and does not require a password. Access from other systems is possible only with usage of pair of ssh keys and by proxying the connection through


  1. Generate a pair of ssh keys. It is useful to have a pair of keys per destination:
    ssh-keygen -f $HOME/.ssh/fawcett 

    Secure the key with a strong passphrase when prompted.

  2. Copy public key to a Maths computer:
    scp $HOME/.ssh/
  3. Now ssh to your account in Maths and there run command:
    ssh-copy-id -f -i $HOME/ fawcett 

    Now you can remove from

  4. Now you should be able to access fawcett with command:
    ssh  -i $HOME/.ssh/fawcett  -J
  5. You can automate the options above by adding the following lines to file

    $HOME/.ssh/config on your computer:
        User CRSID
        IdentityFile ~/.ssh/fawcett

    Afterwards you should be able to connect to fawcett with command:

  6. If that fails then please send the output of
    ssh -v

    to the IT helpdesk.