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Collaborators Terms and Conditions

A collaborator, for the purposes of this service, is someone who is

  • Working with a senior member of the faculty

  • needing access to the faculty's computer systems for this work and

  • often working away from CMS.



We expect collaborators...

  • To remove from their maths home directories and maths storage space files not needed for their collaboration. We need space for new incoming people.

  • To need a department linux or windows account for their work (not all collaborations need a maths unix account.)

  • To regularly need to log into the system. At least once every six months and preferably more often. We close unused accounts.

  • To only use the provided IT accounts for academic purposes given on their collaboration form and which are related to their collaboration. Private or commercial use is not permitted.

  • To respect software licenses. Some mathematical software (for example, Maple) is only for the use of current staff and students. If in doubt ask.

  • To ensure we have an up-to-date email address on record for them. We call this your contact address. If we, or the IT system, need to contact you we email this addresss. If we need to contact a collaborator and there is no address given we may close the login until one is provided.

  • To remove all personal and private files at the end of a collaboration and tidy the data areas you kept data in.

  • To remember that in general, the availability of a facility does not imply permission to use it. Your continued use of the facilities is permitted solely for the uses given by the UTO who authorised your collaboration. If in doubt check. You may not attempt to access facilities you are not permitted to use.

  • To understand and accept that the University does not generally permit us to allow addresses to be used by people who have left the University.

Some policies
Email Address Policy

Personal Web Page

Raven Policy


The university's alumni service is available for alumni and former postdocs. It provides an email address and some journal access.  There is more information on their site.


Occasionally a collaboration cannot proceed without extra access, typically a department or university email address or access to a shared mailbox, Raven account or a webpage.  If you need extra access then this must be agreed by the person who sponsors your access and the request is then passed to the Head of Department to consider.  

If you are granted access to this resource you must only use it for the purposes that were given in your request and be careful not to give the false impression that you are a current member of the University.

End of collaboration period

If at the end of your collaboration period you are starting a new collaboration or otherwise find you need continued access to the system, then please arrange for a new application to be completed for you. Please set up your own reminder for this.


To organise a collaboration you need to find a maths academic to sponsor the request. They will then contact their secretary who will start the process by filling in a form.  During the collaboration setup we will contact you on the contact address you gave.  Please reply promptly.   

The maths academics who may authorise a collaboration are those listed at