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Arranging computer access

Where is the form

  • New staff member:  Send the details to the maths HR office. They add the new person to the department database. The computer account will be set up from that entry.
  • New research student: As above except this time the office is the maths graduate office.
  • Everybody else:  The person who is authorising the access contacts their secretary (DAMTP) or Julia Blackwell (DPMMS)  to arrange your access.  The people who can authorise access are listed here for DAMTP  and here for DPMMS. The department secretary can also authorise access.
  • The above includes collaborators and anyone else who is leaving but needs to continue to have a login into the maths system.
  • The forms (only accessible to admin staff) are at:


How long to wait

Please allow a week.

How to know when the account is set up

  • When you fill out the account application there is a box for admin contact. The contact there gets the account notification.

How does the new person get their new account documents

Instructions should be in the email sent to the admin contact. Generally speaking people pick up their maths password from the maths password collection page. To access it they need to know their Raven password. You pass staff and visitors an access code which they use to pickup their Raven password.   The instructions on how to get this code are in the email the admin contact receives.

Please also ensure new students, new staff and new academic visitors have a link or copy of the UIS information for new starters.

What resources are given

Access  (linux and windows) is given to the computers which are not group owned.  Sometimes access is given to  group owned facilities if the person's research group and PI were in the database before the account was set up.  Usually access to group own facilities is arranged by the person who owns the facility or their secretary contacting the maths helpdesk desk after the computer account is set up.

Email is set up using crsid@department and redirects to the person's address.  If a userfriendly address is wanted the person sets it up themselves on the department database in the self service section. 

Mailing lists: Membership of mailing lists is usually arranged by a person's group or pavilion secretary. In DPMMS the admin team take care of this.   Some research groups have mailing lists they manage themselves. 

Collaborators generally only have a login on the maths system.  From UIS all leavers receive  Raven for life  which gives them access to the university email contact address system.  And the alumni office offer former students and postdocs an email address. 

If a collaboration cannot proceed without further access the way to apply for this is to first set up their basic collaborator record (as above), then authorisation is gained by the person supervising the collaboration for the extra resource from the HoD/Department Secretary. This is passed to you and you can then fill in extra access for collaborators form.  Some of the items on that form require the COs to do manual processing so allow a week for setup. 

An exception is made for Off Register students.  Only the graduate office can ask for this.

About maths useradmin

The day to day service of maths useradmin is provided by the maths helpdesk.  The forms and other procedures are Debbie's responsibility.  If you have any suggestions for improvement the best way to pass them along is to email them to the maths helpdesk for the attention of Debbie or drop by Debbie's office.