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Summer Research Programmes



Unfortunately, it is not possible to offer a specific desk / office space for all summer project students.  The CMS does not have the capacity.  We invite you to make use of the Part III room in the basement of Pavilion B, the Central Core, or the shared workspaces in the Betty and Gordon Moore Library.  You can connect to the internet anywhere onsite either using Eduroam or your Raven credentials (UniOfCam network).


Card Access to the CMS

You can access the CMS during normal working hours via the main doors (near reception). For out of hours access and to enter via Pavilion outer doors, card access will be necessary. To be granted access, please go to the CMS reception, tell them you are a summer project student, and request for access to be added to your student card. They will check that you are on their list of summer students provided by the Internships Coordinator; if you are on the list, they will be happy to oblige you.