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Summer Research Programmes


The Supporters Club

Organisations that would like to further contribute to the development of the Summer Research Programme and help us to support students undertaking projects within the university are warmly invited to join the Supporters Club.

Joining the Club is easy and subscription levels are flexible, to accommodate hosts with varying resources. Supporters can choose what they would like to donate, with suggested annual donations of £5,000 for large companies, £2,500 for SMEs and £500-£1,000 for start-ups, small companies and non-industry partners.  However, other amounts are gratefully received.  Donations may be directed towards specific programme resources or bursary-funded projects if desired.


Special Thanks

We would like to express our gratitude to Marj Bachelor as a supporter and founder of the CMP programme. We also extend special thanks to the following donors who have provided support for both summer research programmes and the bursary fund over the years:

  • James Bridgwater and Symmetry Investments
  • Tim Hennock
  • Faculty of Mathematics
  • EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account


Thank you to all our Supporters Club Members, past and present


Members in 2023

Anglo Scientific

New member in 2023


Cantab Capital Institute for the Mathematics of Information (CCIMI)

Member since 2019


Cambridge Mathematics of Information in Healthcare hub (CMIH)

Member since 2019



New member in 2023


Faraday Predictive Ltd

New member in 2023


Past members


Member in 2021


BT Communications via the Corporate Partnership Programme at Pembroke College  |

Member in 2022



Member in 2020 and 2019



Member in 2021 and 2019


Health Data Insight

Member in 2021 and 2019


Iconal Technology

Member in 2019


Oxford Asset Management

Member in 2019



Member in 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019



Member in 2022



Member in 2021 and 2020


Symmetry Investments

Member in 2019



Member in 2022