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Summer Research Programmes


UIS Account

For Part II and Part III students completing projects in the summer, provided you registered your project ahead of the 20 May 2024 deadline, we will be in touch with University Information Services (UIS) to ensure that your accounts are extended until the end of September. If you receive an email from UIS saying that your account is going to be shut down in July, please contact the Internships Coordinator (on or and they will request that your account is extended.

UIS accounts for Part IB students are automatically continued over the summer and into the following academic year.


Maths Computer Account

A maths computer account is different from your UIS account and is necessary to access specific resources within the Faculty of Mathematics. It is needed to log on to any maths department computer (whether physically or remotely), and to access some software resources.

Depending on your project, you may or may not need a maths computer account. Speak to your supervisor to find out if you will need access to any mathematical software (e.g. Maple, Magma) for your project or be able to log on to a department computer. If the answer is yes, have your supervisor email to request an account for you.

If you have a maths computer account and you run into problems, you can get help from the IT Helpdesk:


Storage options

By default, your Maths computer account has a low disk quota (5GB). If you need more storage for code, data, etc then please look at these options.


Fawcett HPC

If you will need access to the Fawcett HPC for your research project, your supervisor will need to request this by emailing Please note that to use this system you will need to be proficient with using Unix commands - no training will be provided by the Department. By requesting access for you, your supervisor is accepting responsibility for showing you how to use it. More information about Fawcett and other high performance computing options.