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Summer Research in Mathematics


Important Dates for 2019 Summer Research and Placements

Mid-November to 18 January 2019: Project proposals accepted and listed on the CMP website. Projects received by 31 December will be listed on our website by 7 January 2018, at which point we will start to schedule talks for our seminar series. Project received after December 31 will be posted on the website on a rolling basis and talks scheduled accordingly. We cannot guarantee a seminar slot for projects submitted after 18 January 2019.

28 January to 20 February 2019: CMP lunchtime seminar series takes place on Mondays and Wednesdays. At each session, 5-6 hosts give short talks, followed by informal discussions with the students. Hosts may display a poster describing their project in the week prior to their presentation.

22 February 2019: Recommended deadline for students to express interest in projects.

22 February to 8 March 2019: Recommended period for organisations to review applications, interview, and make offers to students.

8 March 2019: For reasons of fairness, we ask that no student be required to respond to an offer before this date. Companies may continue to liaise with and make offers to students beyond this date.

15 March 2019: All requests for bursary funding for Research in the CMS should be received by this date. Bursary applications for CMP must be received by this date for consideration in the first round of funding.

Late April 2019: First round bursary funding decisions announced.

7 May 2019: Deadline for bursary applications for CMP for consideration in the final round of funding.

Late May/early June 2019: Final round bursary funding decisions announced.

Late June to September 2019: CMP projects take place, with exact dates agreed between student and host.

15 August 2019: CMP Presentation Day and Dinner.

September 2019: Reports and project feedback due.

October 2019: Summer Research Festival (presentations for Research in the CMS).