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Summer Research Programmes


Summer Research Programmes

The Faculty of Mathematics recognises the important role played by opportunities for research in the training and development of our students.  Thanks to the generous support of corporate and individual donors, the Faculty has developed a thriving programme of summer research projects and placements.  There are opportunities for projects both internally within the Centre for Mathematical Sciences, and outside the Faculty with other university departments and in industry.

Summer Research Programmes

Read more at: Information for Students

Information for Students

Discover the possibilities for a summer research project in 2023

  • Summer Research in Maths (SRIM)
  • Cambridge Mathematical Placements (CMP)

Internship Opportunities

Internship Opportunities

The Faculty of Mathematics at Cambridge offers two summer internship programmes which are open to students in mathematics currently studying at universities other than Cambridge:

  • Philippa Fawcett Internship programme
  • Cambridge Mathematics Open Internships

Read more at: Information for CMS Project Supervisors

Information for CMS Project Supervisors

Information for maths faculty members interested in supervising an undergraduate summer research project.

Read more at: Information for CMP Hosts

Information for CMP Hosts

Organisations and other university departments / labs looking to engage a student with a background in mathematics can submit their projects to CMP.  Find out more here. 

Read more at: Dates and Deadlines for 2023

Dates and Deadlines for 2023

Important dates and deadlines for all 2023 summer project programmes.

Read more at: CMP Supporters Club

CMP Supporters Club

While there is no charge for submitting a project or participating in CMP, we ask all our partners and hosts to join us in creating a sustainable funding model for the programme by joining the CMP Supporters Club.