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Summer Research Programmes


The Cambridge Mathematics Placements (CMP) programme can trace its start back to 2010, when Co-Founder James Bridgwater was completing Part III of the Mathematical Tripos at Cambridge as a mature student and noticed that, while the academic content of degree was excellent, there was not much help offered to students in figuring out what they might do after they graduate. James exchanged ideas with Co-Founder Marj Batchelor of the Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics, who had similar concerns, and so the programme was born.

In this video, James Bridgwater and CMP alumnus, Tim Hennock, talk about how it works and what it's like to take part.

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Read more at: Archive of Past Projects

Archive of Past Projects

You can view all past CMP project proposals in our archive of past summer projects. 

Read more at: Building Bridges with Industry

Building Bridges with Industry

Find out more about how CMP got started by reading the article "Building Bridges with Industry"