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Summer Research Programmes


University Policy

It is university policy that students undertaking summer projects / internships must be taken on as temporary workers by either the host department or the Faculty of Mathematics and paid the National Living Wage (plus holiday pay).  National Living Wage is currently £10.42 but the government has announced that it will rise to £11.44 from April 2024.  The estimated cost for an 8-week project in summer 2024 is therefore between £3600 and £4000 depending on exact working hours and the specific student. 

Bursary Fund

We have a small fund for supporting summer research, but due to the significant costs involved, we ask that supervisors looking to recruit a student for a summer research project make an effort to find funds from their own sources (e.g. research grants, college bursaries) to help cover the cost of the project. Projects requesting support from the bursary fund will be considered more favourably if they are partially funded. Students should ask their college for grants and subsidised accommodation where these options are available.

For more information on how to support a student in a bursary application including what we will consider when making decisions, please see the bursary webpages here.