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Summer Research Programmes


We encourage all our students to pursue a summer research experience working as a mathematician during the summer holidays.

There are opportunities to work within the CMS on projects that develop ideas from the lectures that you have attended, and also to work on mathematical projects with supervisors in other departments and labs within the university. We would strongly urge you to also consider looking beyond the Faculty of Mathematics and the university and explore projects available in industry; experience the different ways the outside world uses mathematics and discover what exciting possibilities exist for mathematicians outside of academia.


Read more at: Cambridge Mathematics Placements (CMP)

Cambridge Mathematics Placements (CMP)

CMP facilitates and supports mathematically oriented projects and placements in industry and other university departments.

Read more at: Summer Research in Maths (SRIM)

Summer Research in Maths (SRIM)

SRIM facilitates and supports summer research projects with a supervisor in the Faculty of Mathematics.

Read more at: External Opportunities

External Opportunities

Here you will find a list of other summer project programmes that we know about but are not managed by the Faculty of Mathematics.