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Summer Research in Mathematics


We received feedback that it would be useful to provide students with some tools on learning to code, in preparation for summer research projects with a computing focus. In response, we are pleased to offer the following:

Learn to Code Guide

Click here for a guide on teaching yourself to code, written by former CMP and Pt III student Graham Van Goffrier.

Coding evening event in Lent 2020

We plan to hold a coding evening event during the week of 20 January 2020. Come and practice your computing skills, we’ll throw in TAs and free pizza to help you along. To help us choose a date, indicate your interest and availability here by 13 December 2019. Once we’ve picked the date we will send information out to all Maths students. All are welcome to attend!

Have ideas?

Is there anything else you would like to see here as a resource? Send your ideas to and we’ll see what we can do.