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Summer Research in Mathematics


Project listings for summer 2021 are here: CMP IndustrialCMP Academic and Research in the CMS.

The Cambridge Mathematics Tripos has a reputation for training mathematicians. The Faculty now supplements this theoretical training with the Cambridge Summer Research in Mathematics (CSRIM) Programme, a programme to enable students from their second year (part IB) through their Masters year (Part III) to get hands on experience doing research in mathematical disciplines within the University, and in fields requiring innovative mathematics both within the University and in industrial settings.

The CSRIM Programme is the umbrella programme which hosts a community of undergraduates and masters students in mathematics who are working on mathematical projects over the summer. It comprises two separate initiatives:

  • the Cambridge Mathematics Placements (CMP) Programme, formerly known as the Post Masters Placement (PMP) Programme;
  • the Research in the CMS Programme.

Cambridge Mathematics Placements Programme

The CMP programme enables students to find summer research placements in industry, the public sector, and other University departments. Students develop transferable skills and gain experience doing innovative mathematical research in an external setting, while hosts engage a talented mathematician to tackle research questions they face. In 2020, despite unprecedented circumstances due to COVID-19, the programme facilitated 11 academic and 13 industry placements. In 2019, the programme facilitated 12 academic and 23 industry placements. 

Organisations looking to engage a student with a background in mathematics can submit their projects to CMP. We will advertise the projects on our website and through our series of seminars in February. Although we cannot promise a suitable student, we will do our best to help you find one. Projects are generally open to second and third year undergraduate (Part II) and Master's (Part III) students, but the project host can specify precisely what background and skills they require.

Benefits for CMP Hosts

Direct engagement with Cambridge Mathematics Master's and undergraduate students

  • Pitch projects at the CMP seminar series and select students for summer placements. There is a high degree of freedom to propose both well-developed and speculative projects.

Involvement with a growing knowledge exchange community

  • Interact with a maths-focussed research community comprising the Mathematics Faculty, other departments, public sector organisations and industrial partners.
  • Develop relationships that may lead to collaborations.
  • Attend CMP Presentation Day to hear other host/student placement experiences and approaches, followed by dinner at a Cambridge college (TBC for 2021).
  • Participate in the CMP Annual General Meeting to review the programme and suggest improvements.

Progression of research objectives

  • Projects tackle research challenges in a diverse range of areas, and provide new approaches to solving problems.
  • Placements bridge gaps in mathematical expertise.

We welcome all of our host partners to join the Cambridge Mathematics Placements Supporters Club.

Research in the CMS Programme

The Research in the CMS Programme supports students who wish to undertake summer research projects with a supervisor within the Maths Faculty. Students will generally approach potential supervisors directly, and projects do not need to be listed on this website to be eligible for bursary funding. This programme is open to students in Parts IB and II.

Further information is available from the menu on the left. Potential project hosts should start with the Host a CMP or Research in the CMS Project page, while students should start with the Students page.