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Part III (MMath/MASt)

These courses provide a thorough introduction to General Relativity and Cosmology. The Michaelmas term courses introduce these subjects, which are then developed in more detail in the Lent term courses on Black Holes and Advanced Cosmology. A non-examinable course explores the application of spinor techniques in General Relativity.

Please find here the introduction and pre-requisites for the Relativity and Gravitation course group.

Title Examinable Term Number of Lectures
General Relativity Part III Examinable Michaelmas 24
Cosmology Part III Examinable Michaelmas 24
Black Holes Part III Examinable Lent 24
Field Theory in Cosmology Part III Examinable Lent 24
Applications of Differential Geometry to Physics Part III Examinable Lent 16
Spinor Techniques in General Relativity Graduate Non-Examinable Lent 24
Gauge / Gravity Duality Part III Examinable Easter 16


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