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Part III (MMath/MASt)


Research Groups in Cambridge

Many research groups put together sessions (spread throughout the term) in which they introduce the research of those working in the group. This is not a substitute for talking to members of staff, but it is an excellent chance to meet the members of staff and research students in fields that you are interested in.  Details are publicised by email nearer the time.

Research in the UK

We invite students from other universities to come and talk about their research, and we ensure there is a generous tea opportunity, with cakes, to enable you to ask them the questions you need to know answers to (which supervisors in their department are nice, friendly, accessible and have time to spare for their PhD students, for example).

Postgraduate Open Day

The University holds a Postgraduate Open Day in Michaelmas term aimed at students considering taking a course of further study at Cambridge.  Check back for details about how the Faculty will be involved.  However, it is also a good opportunity to find out about other opportunites across the University.

Cambridge Summer Research in Mathematics Programme

We recognise the need for highly trained mathematicians who relish engaging with other sciences and technology. Responding to this need, the Cambridge mathematics departments have developed a full training programme relating mathematics and challenges of science and engineering. As a centrepiece in this programme, the Cambridge Summer Research in Mathematics Programme provides opportunities for Master's students to get experience outside their field in the summer following their Master's studies.

This is not an official part of Part III, but takes place after students have graduated. Places are limited, and are distributed after an application process.