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Faculty of Mathematics


2019/20 (It is being updated)

The Part III Guide to Courses provides information on courses offered in a given year. This online version of the guide is updated over the summer to provide information to students starting the course in October. Students will receive a printed copy of the final version at the start of the year.  The course descriptions listed here are for courses offered for Part III of the Mathematical Tripos in 2018-19. You need to read these in conjunction with the accompanying Notes and Disclaimers and the Part III Handbook, and choose an appropriate number of examinable courses. Please be aware, in particular, that these are informal course descriptions - the definitive syllabus for each course is determined by the lectures and associated course materials each year. In addition, you should also read the online advice on Preparing for Part III.

The courses are arranged by subject area. Click on any subject name in the list below to see the courses offered in that area. The course descriptions will only appear online once the lecturer for that course has made it available. 

Download the complete guide as a (pdf) here. (It will be available as soon as it will be finished.)

Pure Mathematics (DPMMS)

Algebraic Geometry
Analysis and PDEs
Differential Geometry and Topology
Number Theory

Statistical Laboratory (DPMMS)

Probability and Finance

Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics (DAMTP)

Particle Physics, Quantum Fields and Strings
Relativity and Gravitation
Quantum Computation, Information and Foundations
Philosophy of Physics
Applied and Computational Analysis
Continuum Mechanics