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Faculty of Mathematics


Professor Caucher Birkar wins 2018 Fields Medal

Professor Caucher Birkar (DPMMS) has been awarded a Fields Medal, the highest honour in mathematics, for his contributions to algebraic geometry.

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Cambridge success with the Philip Leverhulme Prizes

Three of the five winners of the 2017 Philip Leverhulme Prize in mathematics and statistics were from the Mathematics Faculty at the University of Cambridge.

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Anders Hansen – from finite to infinite

Dr Anders Hansen has received a Philip Leverhulme Prize for his work on solving very hard problems and opening new directions in areas of great impact in applied analysis.

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Oscar Randal-Williams – understanding moduli spaces

Dr Oscar Randal-Williams has established himself as a clear leader in the field of algebraic topology

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Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb – combining traditional approaches with machine learning

Professor Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb has been recognised for her work combining machine learning with image analysis.

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Happy 30th birthday, STIMULUS!

The STIMULUS programme is celebrating 30 years of placing Cambridge University students as volunteers in local schools.

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Cambridge Perspectives: Ailsa Keating on symplectic geometry

Ailsa Keating, new Lecturer in the Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics, talks about her work in symplectic geometry.


Through the looking glass

The Faculty is delighted to welcome Ailsa Keating as a new Lecturer in DPMMS. Keating is an expert in symplectic geometry and at DPMMS joins a thriving research group in her field.

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Mathematics for all: NRICH on BBC Radio 4's Puzzle for Today

The popular 'Puzzle for Today' slot on BBC Radio 4's flagship 'Today' programme features a collaboration with the Faculty's mathematics education and outreach initiatives.

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Taming the multiverse: Stephen Hawking's final theory about the Big Bang

Professor Stephen Hawking's final theory on the origin of the universe, developed with Thomas Hertog, has been published.

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