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Undergraduate Admissions


In the first year, there are 8 lecture courses, which is two lectures a day for two terms, covering a wide range of mathematics. Students take all 8 courses, which serve as a platform for the later years.

You will also have supervisions (small-group teaching) in the afternoon, typically two hours per week. These continue throughout your three years.

At the end of the year, there are four three-hour examinations.

Topics studied in the first year

There are courses in:

  • abstract algebra, which is the study of mathematical structures, such as sets, vector spaces and groups;
  • analysis, which is the study of the foundations of calculus;
  • number theory, in which equations involving integers are investigated;
  • differential equations, in which equations involving rates of change are investigated;
  • mathematical methods, which provide the basis for mathematical applications; for example, to theoretical physics;
  • Newtonian dynamics and special relativity, in which the laws of Newton and Einstein are formulated mathematically;
  • probability, which is (probably) what you think it is.

For a full list of all courses, and formal description of the content and structure of each year click here.