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Undergraduate Admissions

Watch Cambridge staff and students discuss the Mathematics course and the interview process.
A students' view of Mathematics at Cambridge.
Joana Grah talks about her research, in the video she made for one of our regular Student Video Contests.
And this is Andrew Celsus’ entry to the contest, where he discusses his research.
Lecturer Holly Krieger investigates an intriguing connection between the Fibonacci numbers and the Mandelbrot set in this video for Numberphile.
Professor David Tong explains to Plus Magazine what general relativity is and how Einstein’s equation expresses it.
This talk by Professor Imre Leader, originally given to an audience of sixth-formers, explores how Ramsey Theory answers questions about order and disorder in patterns.
In another interview for Plus Magazine, Professor Julia Gog talks about a new project with the BBC to communicate to the public how mathematical research contributes to fighting disease pandemics.
This talk by Professor David Skinner is about 'Knots in Maths, Physics and Biology', and was also originally given to an audience of sixth-formers.
In this student-made video, people share their view of maths at university.