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Undergraduate Mathematics



Past paper solutions are not made available to students. Mark schemes for past exam papers are available to supervisors for read-only access from the Faculty Office, so your supervisors are your port of call if you want an attempt to be marked.

Lecture notes

Official and unofficial lecture notes exist from previous years for many courses. There is no central location for these, so we have collated some resources below. Bear in mind that course syllabuses evolve over time, and different lecturers structure their courses differently and choose their own notation conventions.

Unofficial sources of lecture notes:

Notes from lecturers' official pages are given below; * indicates a course that no longer exists.

Part IA

Course Link Author Year
*Algebra & Geometry - Part I PDF, PS Peter Haynes 2004
*Algebra & Geometry - Part I PDF, PS Stephen Cowley 2006
*Algebra & Geometry - Part II PDF, PS Tom Körner 2007
Differential Equations Site Stuart Dalziel 2004
*Calculus & Methods - Part I PDF, PS Tom Körner Old
Analysis I PDF, PS Tom Körner 2007
Probability Site Richard Weber 2014
Probability Site Douglas Kennedy 2010
Vector Calculus PDF, PS Stephen Cowley 2000
Vector Calculus PDF Ben Allanach 2014
Vectors and Matrices PDF Stephen Cowley 2010
Dynamics and Relativity Site David Tong 2013

Part IB

Course Link Author Year
*Linear Mathematics PDF, PS Tom Körner 2003
*Linear Mathematics PDF Andrew Glass 2002
*Rings and Modules PDF, PS Tom Körner 2004
*Groups, Rings and Fields PDF, PS Nick Shepherd-Barron 2002
Analysis II PDF, PS Tom Körner 2001
Metric and Topological Spaces PDF, PS Tom Körner 2010
*Further Analysis PDF, PS Keith Carne 2003
Complex Analysis PDF, PS Keith Carne 2006
Geometry PS Nick Shepherd-Barron  
Geometry PDF, PS Keith Carne 2002
Statistics PDF Richard Weber 2007
Statistics Site, PDF David Spiegelhalter 2016
Optimization PDF Richard Weber 2010
Optimization Site Douglas Kennedy 2010
Complex Methods PDF, PS Tom Körner 2007
Markov Chains PDF Richard Weber 2011
Electromagnetism PDF, PS Alan Macfarlane 2003
Fluid Dynamics I Site Michael MacIntyre 2003
Fluid Dynamics I Site Natalia Berloff  
Numerical Analysis PDF Stephen Cowley 2014
Numerical Analysis Site Arieh Iserles 2010
Analysis II PDF Martin Hyland 1996
Linear Algebra PDF Jan Saxl 2005
Metric and Toplogical Spaces PDF Ivan Smith 2006
Metric and Topological Spaces PDF Burt Totaro 2004
Quantum Mechanics PDF Nick Dorey 2007
Quantum Mechanics PDF Nick Manton 1996
*Rings and Modules PDF Tom Korner 2004
Revision ("Rings and Things") PDF Gareth Taylor 2012

Part II

Course Link Author Year
Representation Theory PDF Constantin Teleman 2005
Riemann Surfaces PDF Constantin Teleman 2003
*Algebraic Curves PDF Pelham Wilson 1998
Topics in Analysis PDF, PS Tom Korner 2007
Linear Analysis PDF, PS Mihalis Dafermos  
Linear Analysis PDF, PS Tom Korner 2008
Geometry and Groups PDF, PS Keith Carne 2012
*Geometry of Surfaces PDF Nick Shepherd-Barron  
Differential Geometry PDF Gabriel Paternain 2007
Logic, Computation and Set Theory PS Tom Forster  
Probability and Measure PDF James Norris  
Applied Probability PS Frank Kelly  
Statistical Modelling PDF Pat Altham 2005
Statistical Modelling Site, PDF Rajen Shah  
Optimization and Control Site, PDF Richard Weber  
Dynamical Systems PDF Peter Swinnerton-Dyer 2001
Partial Differential Equations PS Mark Joshi & T. Wasserman  
Partial Differential Equations PDF, PS Tom Korner 2002
Integrable Systems PDF, PS Thanasis Fokas  
Classical Dynamics PDF, PS David Tong 2005
*Quantum Physics PDF, PS Ron Horgan 2004
Statistical Physics PS Ron Horgan  
Electrodynamics Site John Stewart  
*Numerical Analysis Site Arieh Iserles 2005