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Undergraduate Mathematics

See below for a full list of the courses currently available in each of the first three undergraduate years.
In the fourth year (Part III) there are around eighty available course, for which a full list is available here.

Part IA

(First year)

Part IB

(Second year)

Part II

(Third year)

Analysis I
Differential Equations
Dynamics and Relativity
Numbers and Sets
Vector Calculus
Vectors and Matrices
Analysis and Topology
Complex Analysis
Complex Methods
Fluid Dynamics
Groups, Rings and Modules
Linear Algebra
Markov Chains
Numerical Analysis
Quantum Mechanics
Variational Principles
Algebraic Geometry
Algebraic Topology
Analysis of Functions
Applications of Quantum Mechanics
Applied Probability
Asymptotic Methods
Automata and Formal Languages
Classical Dynamics
Coding and Cryptography
Differential Geometry
Dynamical Systems
Fluid Dynamics II
Further Complex Methods
Galois Theory
General Relativity
Graph Theory
Integrable Systems
Linear Analysis
Logic and Set Theory
Mathematical Biology
Mathematics of Machine Learning
Number Fields
Number Theory
Numerical Analysis
Principles of Quantum Mechanics
Principles of Statistics
Probability and Measure
Quantum Information and Computation
Representation Theory
Riemann Surfaces
Statistical Modelling
Statistical Physics
Stochastic Financial Models
Topics in Analysis
More detailed informal descriptions of these Part IA courses are available here More detailed informal descriptions of these Part IB courses are available here More detailed informal descriptions of these Part II courses are available here