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Additional academic support for Part III students is available through events such as catch-up workshops, study groups and the Part III seminar series. It is recommended that Part III students make full use of this support. These activities are run by members of the Faculty and the Graduate Mathematics Society with the aim of supporting Part III students during this very tough course, and helping them with the decision of what to do next.

Timeline of events

There you can find the support activities and other important events and deadlines listed in temporal order. In particular, note the section on the calendar on What to do before you come. This includes knowing about Grad Record Exams (GRE's) if you think you might wish to study for a PhD in the US.

Catch-up workshops

Many Part III students come to Cambridge from other universities, so their mathematical background is as varied as the places they come from. The catch-up workshops at the beginning of Michaelmas term intend to deliver some background material in a variety of topics. They are given by PhD students. More info here.

Wednesday Talks

On most Wednesdays during term time, talks on a variety of topics will be delivered. These include

Part III drop-ins

At several points during term PhD students will be available in the core for you to ask them questions about your lectures notes and background.

Part III study groups

When learning a lot of new and probably hard courses, it can be very helpful to talk to others taking the same course. Part III students are very much encouraged to use their initiative and arrange to meet with their colleagues, both to review course material and to read beyond course material.

As Masters students, Part III students should increase their level of independent learning. In this spirit, Study Groups are not supposed to be a substitute for undergraduate supervisions, nor for examples classes, and are set up for the students to organise themselves on purpose. More info here.

Part III Seminar Series

Part III students give talks (perhaps their first ever) on some maths that they've learnt in a friendly and informal setting. There's a series at the end of Michaelmas term, with talks usually on material learnt that term, and another series at the end of Lent term, with most talks on Part III essay topics. Groups are organised according to subject and participants make up the audience for the other talks (and afterwards hopefully understand something they didn't before!). More info here.

Where to go next?

Research Groups in Cambridge - Oct/Nov. An opportunity for Part IIIs to meet with lots of the PhD students here and learn what their research interests are.
Research in UK - Nov. A chance for Part IIIs to talk with students doing PhDs at other universities, many of whom were Part III students themselves.