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Stage 1: Expression of Interest

The first step in the application process is identifying up to three supervisors from either DAMTP or DPPMS that you would be interested to work with on a project and submitting the ‘Internship Expression of Interest’ form by 23 February 2024.

Identifying supervisors / projects to nominate

There are two ways to approach this:

  1. Some Faculty members have advertised specific projects or outlines for potential projects as part of the 'Summer Research in Maths' programme. You can view that list here and nominate these projects/supervisors in your 'Expression of Interest' form.  It is not necessary to contact the supervisor ahead of nominating their project, but if you have questions or would like to discuss your suitability for the project beforehand, you can contact them via the contact email address given in the project listing.  

New for 2024: there will be four group projects offered as part of the, two in DAMTP and two in DPMMS, where 2-3 students will work collaboratively. You can also nominate one of these projects if you are interested to join the group (they will appear on the list of specific projects when confirmed).

  1. Consult this list of pre-approved supervisors for summer projects and contact some of them to enquire about potential projects during the recommended project enquiry window (January 2024 to 23 February 2024). The list is organised by research area.  If a supervisor on the list has not also advertised a specific project or outline (see 1 above) you must contact them before nominating them on your 'Expression of Interest' form.  You need to ensure they are available in the summer and open to considering an application from you (i.e. ask them if you may nominate them on your 'Expression of Interest' form). You don't need to propose your own project, but you may put forward ideas if you have them. Otherwise, you can say what general areas you are interested in and ask what the possibilities might be.  When contacting a potential supervisor for the first time, please cc. and explain that you are planning to apply for the Cambridge Mathematics Open Internships programme.  We recommend that you attach your CV as well as a transcript (if available) when writing to supervisors.  


Expression of Interest form

Deadline: 24 February 2024

Once you have identified up to three potential supervisors / projects, please submit the Internship Expression of Interest form.

As well as your supervisor nominations, the form will ask for information about you and your current course of study, and allow you to enter up to three statements of interest, which will be forwarded to the supervisor(s) you have nominated for consideration.

Supporting Documents

The following supporting documents will be required: 

  • Your CV
  • Copy of your academic transcript
  • Scan / clear photo of your passport
  • Letter of reference

Your academic referee should send their letter of reference for you to ideally before 23 February 2024 in order to be considered by your nominated supervisors, and no later than 18 March 2024.  Your referee should be either a tutor or other academic at your current institution who knows you and your work well.  


Stage 2: Final Application

Deadline: 18 March 2024

If one (or more) of the supervisors you nominate in the ‘Expression of Interest’ form confirm they would be happy to supervise you if you are accepted onto the programme, you will be contacted (no later than the week commencing 11 March 2024) to confirm and invited to submit the 'Final Application Form'.

The Final Application form will ask for the following additional information: 

  • Name and email address of the Faculty member at Cambridge that has agreed to supervise your project if you are accepted.
  • Project title and description as agreed with your proposed supervisor. 
  • A personal statement: tell us what attracted you to this programme; what skills and interests you have that are relevant to the work you will be doing; how will this opportunity help you with your future goals.
  • If appropriate to your situation, you will be able to include an optional statement of personal circumstances where you can provide a description of any personal circumstances which may have affected your academic career to date.  E.g. educational disadvantage, caring commitments, illness, enforced career breaks or economic hardship.