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Cambridge Mathematics Open Internships

The Faculty of Mathematics at the University of Cambridge is committed to widening participation in postgraduate studies in mathematics.  We wish to encourage the study of advanced mathematics by everyone with the capacity and inclination to do so.

In selecting for this programme, consideration will be given to our objective to widen participation in mathematical research, paying particular attention to ethnicity.  The University will be using positive action under the Equality Act 2010 to tackle the underrepresentation of, and overcome the disadvantage experienced by, certain groups. 

The Cambridge Mathematics Open Internships Programme is a funded summer research opportunity intended for students in mathematics who are in their late undergraduate (second year and above) or Master’s studies at a UK university other than Cambridge, and who would like to gain first-hand experience as a researcher at the Centre for Mathematical Sciences (CMS) at the University of Cambridge. 

As a mathematics intern, you will be given the opportunity to conduct your own summer research project together with leading mathematicians in Cambridge.  You will be able to develop and extend your research skills, learn how to communicate your work to others, and build a strong academic profile.  This will enable you to gain the research experience to apply for PhD positions if you wish to do so.  During your time at the CMS, you will become part of a research team and experience the life of a research student.  As part of a wider mathematical community and with the help of our student mentors, you will be given the chance to learn from and hear about the experiences of Cambridge mathematics PhD students and connect with a network of mathematicians in your area of interest. At the end of your internship, you will have the opportunity to present your work in a final report.

Programme Summary

  • 3 funded placements are available for summer 2024
  • Each internship will run for 8 weeks between July and September 2024 – Internship dates can be agreed between student and supervisor based on individual needs, however, we suggest Monday 1 July to Friday 23 August 2024 as events will be scheduled around these dates.
  • Interns will be paid the National Living Wage plus holiday pay
  • All placements are in person and will be based at the Centre for Mathematical Sciences, University of Cambridge
  • Interns will be mentored by current PhD students and integrated into the relevant research group / department for the duration of the placement
  • Two-step application process: 
    1. Expression of Interest (deadline: 23 February 2024)
    2. Final Application (deadline: 18 March 2024

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Pay and Benefits

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How to Apply

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Programme Structure

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