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The brief of the Part III Committee is to advise the Faculty Board on all aspects of the MMath / MASt course. It reports annually to the Faculty Board on the examinations and at other times as required.

Terms of Reference

The committee is required to:

  • consider the reports of examiners (both internal and external) for Part III, and make a digest thereon for the Faculty Board containing recommendations of any action needed;
  • organise student questionnaires on each lecture course and to analyse the returns of such questionnaires;
  • give advice on the lecture timetable;
  • produce documentation for current Part III students, including the Guide to Courses and Part III Handbook.


The Part III Committee is a committee appointed by the Faculty Board of Mathematics. Its membership consists of:

  1. the Chair of the Part III Committee,
  2. the Director of Taught Postgraduate Education, ex officio,
  3. the two Directors of Part III for DAMTP and DPMMS, ex officio,
  4. the Chair of Examiners for Part III Mathematics, ex officio,
  5. two members of DAMTP and two members of DPMMS,
  6. up to two co-opted members,
  7. two student representatives, appointed by the Committee.

Senior members of the Committee are appointed to serve for two years, junior members for one year, both with effect from 1 October, and may be reappointed to provide continuity.

The current members of the Part III Committee are:

Name End date  
Professor D Tong (Chair) 30/09/2023  
Professor J Wolf (Director of Taught Postgraduate Education) ex officio  
Professor I B Leader (DPMMS Director of Part III) ex officio  
Professor D M A Stuart (DAMTP Director of Part III) ex officio  
Professor A Scholl (Chair of Part III Examiners) ex officio  
2 members from DAMTP
Professor E J-M Lauga 30/09/2023  
Professor J Santos 30/09/2024  
2 members from DPMMS
Professor J Thorne 30/09/2023  
Professor J P Miller 30/09/2024  
Up to 2 co-opted members
Professor A C Hansen 30/09/2023  
Dr R Reid-Edwards 30/09/2023  
2 student representatives, appointed by the Committee
Mr L Mayther 30/09/2023  
Miss E Svanberg 30/09/2023  


Whenever a student vacancy arises on the committee, the Chair will contact all PhD Students asking those students who have done Part III if they would be prepared to sit on the Part III Committee. When choosing student members the committee will want one student from DAMTP and one from DPMMS and may take into account the balance of subjects. The Part III Committee will endeavour to appoint students from those who have put their names forward.


Reports on Part III examinations: