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The brief of the Curriculum Committee is to advise the Faculty Board on all aspects of the curriculum of the undergraduate Tripos. It meets as required. It presents its findings in reports to the Faculty Board.

Click here for the constitution of the Curriculum Committee, as approved by the Faculty Board minute 35 of 26/01/2017. The following paragraphs are extracts from this constitution.

Terms of Reference

This committee is concerned with significant change to Parts IA, IB and II of the Mathematical Tripos. It considers all proposals for alteration to the content of the lecture schedules, proposals for the introduction or suppression of Tripos courses and proposals concerning the overall structure and details of examinations. It supervises the annual revision of the Schedules.

The committee is required to receive, and consider with regard to the teaching and examining framework of the whole Faculty, suggestions for change made by the Faculty Board, Department meetings, the Teaching Committee, or by any individual member of the Faculty (including members of the Committee itself). The Committee consults widely, takes specialist advice and makes a report, with appropriate recommendations, to the Faculty Board. This report is required to present the Faculty Board with the fullest arguments surrounding a perceived need for change in the curriculum or examinations; the Board itself determines whether a change be made and the details of any consequent implementation. In addition to ad hoc reports it should report to the last Faculty Board meeting of each academic year on the long-term development of the curriculum.


The Curriculum Committee is a committee appointed by the Faculty Board of Mathematics. Its membership consists of:

  1. a Chair,
  2. the Chair of the Teaching Committee, ex officio,
  3. the Director of Undergraduate Education, ex officio,
  4. two members of DAMTP and two members of DPMMS (two of whom should be College Teaching Officers),
  5. two junior members of the Faculty, appointed by the Committee,
  6. up to two co-opted members, appointed by the Committee.

Senior members of the Committee are appointed to serve for two years, junior members for one year, both with effect from 1 October.  Co-opted members serve for up to one academic year at a time, with all co-opted members term of service ending on 30 September.  Members in all classes may be reappointed to provide continuity.

Whenever a student vacancy arises on the Curriculum Committee, the Chairman will email all Part II students, informing them of the vacancy and requesting anyone interested to contact him.

The current members are:

Name End Date Email Address
Professor H Latter (Chair) 30/09/2025
Professor H Wilton (Chair of Teaching Committee) ex officio
Dr M Tehranchi (Director of Undergraduate Education) ex officio
2 members of DPMMS
Dr S Wadsley 30/09/2024  
Dr D Ranganathan 30/09/2025  
2 members of DAMTP
Dr D Frank 30/09/2025  
Dr A Castro Anich 30/09/2025  
2 student representatives, appointed by the Committee
T Pryadilin 30/09/2024  
M Cheung 30/09/2024