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Mathematical Research at the University of Cambridge


Research within the Faculty of Mathematics is overseen by the two departments, DPMMS and DAMTP. In addition, there are a number of other research centres and institutes in the University which carry out research in mathematics and related areas. In both cases, please see the web-pages linked below for more information.

For details of provision for research degrees offered by the Faculty of Mathematics, please see the Ph.D. Degree pages and the Cambridge Centre for Analysis (CCA)

Research in the Faculty of Mathematics

Research in Applied Maths and Theoretical Physics
Including: fluid and solid mechanics, waves, nonlinear dynamics, numerical analysis, mathematical and computational biology, high energy physics, quantum information, relativity, and cosmology.
Research in Pure Maths and Mathematical Statistics
Including: algebra, analysis, category theory and logic, combinatorics, geometry and topology, number theory, operation research and financial mathematics, probability, and statistics.

Other Research Centres and Institutes

All, or a major part, of the following interdisciplinary centres are based in or have a significant component in The Faculty of Mathematics.