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Degree Committee and Graduate Education


In line with the Code of Practice for Research Students it is expected that all postgraduate students will formally request permission from the University if their circumstances change.

An application is required if you are contemplating any of the following (this list is not exhaustive):

  • working away from Cambridge for two weeks or more to attend a summer school or research programme, or to undertake a research visit related to your studies, or to conduct fieldwork;
  • undertaking an internship/placement directly related to your research;
  • undertaking an internship/placement unrelated to your research;
  • returning home to write up your thesis;
  • requesting a change to your supervisor or addition of a supervisor to your supervisory team (does not apply to advisors);
  • requesting an extension to your end of registration date (end of year four);
  • requesting a break from your studies because you are unwell, or need to support a relative, or to take maternity or similar leave;
  • planning on withdrawing from your studies (temporarily or permanently);
  • requesting a change to your course of study or transferring to a different department.

The Student Registry publishes detailed guidance on the procedures, requirements and implications for requesting a change to your student status. This guidance includes examples of what are and what are not considered appropriate grounds for a request.

You are strongly advised to consult this guidance for the most up-to-date information prior to making an application.

Making an application

Your application should be initiated via your CamSiS Self-Service page.  The Student Registry provides guidance on the process.

Before making an application:

  • Please consult the most up-to-date guidance from the Student Registry website
  • Make sure that you understand any implications of a successful application (such as a curtailment of your student visa or a suspension of your funding)
  • Make sure that you have discussed your plans with your Supervisor(s), and if appropriate your College Tutor
  • If required, make sure you have all mandatory supporting documentation to upload to your application
  • If required, make sure you have completed an appropriate risk assessment for upload to your application
  • If you are requesting an extension consider carefully how much extra time you will genuinely require and, if possible, justify the time you are requesting in your application.

It is your responsibility to provide a clear account of the reasons for your application. Sufficient information must be provided in the application for the Registry to make a judgement on the case presented. When writing your application please make sure that you:

  • Include all required information (e.g. dates that you will be away, where you are going, who you will be working with, why you are going);
  • Make sure that you frame your case in keeping with Registry guidance (e.g. if applying for leave to work away from Cambridge make it clear how the work to be undertaken directly relates to your research).

Informal advice

All applications pass through a sequential approval process as follows:

Student > Supervisor > Department > College > Degree Committee > Student Registry

The Faculty Postgraduate Office reviews all applications on behalf of both Departments and the Mathematics Degree Committee, and will discuss your application with academic and administrative staff as appropriate before recording a decision.  If further information is required from you or your supervisor prior to a decision being made it will usually be the Faculty Postgraduate Office that contacts you. Should you have any queries about the process, what to include in your application, or if the final outcome is not as you hoped, please do not hesitate to contact the Faculty Postgraduate Office for further advice.