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All supervisors are encouraged to provide regular feedback to their students.  Feedback is often provided on an informal basis (e.g. through discussion). However, formal graduate reporting on student progress is also required under University regulations and supervisors are expected to submit a termly supervision report on the progress of each of their graduate students. In addition, they are expected to submit a report at any time when in their opinion a student is not making satisfactory progress, and/or there is cause for concern (see: University Ordinances Chapter VI, Regulation 8).

Formal progress reports are ultimately accessible by the student and are therefore an opportunity to provide an overview of progress during the term (or since the last report). They are also a way of providing information to the student's Department, Degree Committee and College on the progress of each student.

Submitting reports

This section provides general guidance for supervisors on the process of submitting supervision reports for research students.

Supervision reports are submitted via the Cambridge Graduate Student Reporting System (CGSRS) which is a part of the Cambridge Student Information System (CamSIS).

All graduate supervision reports use CGSRS. There are two types of report:

Termly written reports

You will write these reports most frequently. You will be sent a reminder about writing these reports towards the end of each term, but you can submit a report at any time. You are asked to supply one report per term for each of your students. If you wish, or if there is a particular need, you can submit more than one report per term.

Registration reports

All Mathematics PhD students admitted to the University are probationary in the first instance and will undergo a registration assessment before the end of their fourth term. The registration assessment itself is carried out by two assessors, neither of whom is the supervisor. Once the assessment has been completed you will be sent a copy of the assessors’ feedback and asked to submit a ‘registration’ report on the student in question. The ‘registration’ report gives you opportunity to provide your own comments and recommendation for registration, in light of the assessors’ feedback. Registration reports require you to enter all the same fields as a termly report, but you should also add in the additional information that appears when you tick the box next to ‘Do you want to register this student?’

Please note you will only be able to submit a registration report if you are the named Principle Supervisor for the student in CamSIS.  Please do not complete a registration report if the assessment for registration is yet to take place.

Special attention required

There is currently a tick-box at the bottom of the report writing page. Tick this box if you have a concern that the Department, Degree Committee and/or College should follow-up on. Please note however, that ticking this box does not send out an automatic alert to anyone. If you do have concerns about a student, please also discuss these with your Department’s Director of Graduate Education and/or the Degree Committee Secretary as appropriate, and at the earliest opportunity.

What happens next?

Once your report has been submitted it will be viewed by representatives on behalf of the Department, Degree Committee and Student Registry, before being released to the student. The sequence of review is:

Supervisor > Department > Degree Committee > Student Registry > Student

Reports do not move forward until each stage is complete. Colleges are also able to review reports as soon as they are submitted by the Supervisor, but they do not have to review the report before it moves forward to the next stage. Students may only view reports once they have been approved by the Student Registry.

New Supervisors

There is no automatic enrolment to CGSRS for new supervisors, and access must be requested via the Degree Committee. Access will normally be requested on your behalf when you are first appointed as a graduate student supervisor. However, if you discover that you do not have access please contact the Graduate Office Administrator.

Changes to supervisory arrangements (temporary or permenant)

The Degree Committee must approve changes in the supervisory arrangements for graduate students, and all changes must be recorded in CamSIS. Your Department will usually inform the Degree Committee when this has been agreed and the Committee will arrange for the student record to be updated. 

Further information and help

Please contact the Graduate Office Administrator if you have any queries about supervision reporting or difficulties with CGSRS.

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