Faculty Open Day Information - Undergraduate Mathematical Tripos

This year, the Faculty is holding two open days for prospective applicants, on the afternoons of Saturday 26 April and Saturday 3 May 2014.

Many colleges hold an open day (often a special mathematics open day) on the same day as a Faculty open day, and the idea is that students will visit a college in the morning and then attend the Faculty open day in the afternoon. Colleges will choose one of the two days above for their open days; details for 2014 are given below.

The Faculty open day consists of short lectures intended to give sixth formers an idea of what it is like to study mathematics at a high level.

On Saturday 26th, afternoon talks start at 2.30pm in the Lady Mitchell Hall on the Sidgwick Site and finish at about 4.40pm,  or at 2.15pm  at the Little Hall also on the Sidgwick site and finish at about 4.25pm. Staff will be available to take individual questions after the talks have finished.

On Saturday 3rd May, talks start at 2.30pm in Lady Mitchell Hall on the Sidgwick Site (Sidgwick Avenue) and finish at about 4.40pm. Staff will be available to take individual questions after the talks have finished.

Although the talks are not held in the Centre for Mathematical Sciences (CMS) on Clarkson/Wilberforce roads - because there is no lecture theatre large enough - the CMS will be open to visitors from 9.30 - 11.00 and again from 4.30 - 6.00. There is no parking at the CMS, but it is only about 15 minutes walk from the town centre and there are bus stops nearby (Citi 4 route and Madingley Park and Ride route).

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Link to the programmes for both days in 2014 

There follows a list of all Colleges (the link is to the College entry in the University Prospectus). An integer in the range 0-2 precedes the name of each college: 1 or 2 means that the college is having an open day on the morning of the first or second of the Faculty open days; 0 means that the college is not holding open days on either of these mornings, ** means college is participating on both days.

College Phone (01223) Email/ link
1 Christ's College 334953 www.christs.cam.ac.uk/admissions/mathematics
2 Churchill College 336248 www.chu.cam.ac.uk/study-us/undergraduates/open-days/
1 Clare College 333246 www.clare.cam.ac.uk/Open-Days/
1 Corpus Christi College 338056 admissions@corpus.cam.ac.uk
1 Downing College 334826 admissions@dow.cam.ac.uk
1 Emmanuel College 334290 admissions@emma.cam.ac.uk
1 Fitzwilliam College 332030 admissions@fitz.cam.ac.uk
1 Girton College 338910 www.girton.cam.ac.uk/undergraduates/visiting-girton/open-days
2 Gonville and Caius College 332413 admissions@cai.cam.ac.uk
2 Homerton College 747252 admissions@homerton.cam.ac.uk
2 Jesus College 339455 admissions-secretary@jesus.cam.ac.uk
1 King's College 331417 http://www.kings.cam.ac.uk/study/open-days.html
2 Lucy Cavendish College * 330280 lcc-admission@lists.cam.ac.uk
1 Magdalene College 332135 admissions@magd.cam.ac.uk
1 Murray Edwards College 769020 www.murrayedwards.cam.ac.uk/undergraduate/events/opendays/
1 Newnham College 335783 admissions@newn.cam.ac.uk
1 Pembroke College 338154 adm@pem.cam.ac.uk
1 Peterhouse 338223 admissions@pet.cam.ac.uk
2 Queens' College 335540 www.queens.cam.ac.uk/mi-client/media/admissions/booking-form-for-mathematics-open-day-at-queens-2014.pdf                          
1 Robinson 339143 apply@robinson.cam.ac.uk
1 St Catharine's College 338319 undergraduate.admissions@caths.cam.ac.uk
1 St John's College 338703 http://www.joh.cam.ac.uk/mathematics-0
2 Selwyn College 335896 admissions@sel.cam.ac.uk
** Sidney Sussex College 338872 admissions@sid.cam.ac.uk
2 Trinity College 338422 www.trin.cam.ac.uk/index.php
1 Trinity Hall 332535 www.trinhall.cam.ac.uk/prospective-students/undergraduates/visit/

* Lucy Cavendish College only accepts women applicants who will be 21 or over at entry

** Sidney Sussex is participating on both dates 26 April and 3 May 2014

If you wish to attend the Faculty open day, you should arrange to visit a College from the above list in the morning, by contacting the College Admissions Office directly.

You should tell the College that you intend to attend the Faculty open day in the afternoon. The College will supply you with further details of the arrangements for the Faculty Open day, and will give you all the Mathematics Faculty course leaflets, when you arrive.

Note that it is extremely unlikely that accommodation will be available in Colleges (since the open day is in the middle of term). The Cambridge Tourist Information Centre telephone number is (01223) 322640.

Parking will not be available on the Sidgwick site because of other university events taking place on that day.