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Women in Mathematics


Resources for Women in Maths

General University and local resources

Student Societies and events

  • The Emmy Noether Society was founded in 2012 to support women in the mathematical sciences. It hosts talks by female mathematicians and informal and social events between students and academics.
  • The Archimedeans is the Cambridge University Mathematical Society since 1935. It organises social events and talks, publishes Eureka and other interesting resources.
  • The Trinity Mathematical Society welcomes members from all Colleges. It was founded in 1919  to "promote the discussion ofsubjects of mathematical interest", and organises mathematical talks and social events.
  • Part III events page. Julia Goedecke, Marj Batchelor and the CU Graduate Mathematics society run a variety of useful events for all Part III students, including the Part III cafe during the first half of Michaelmas term where you can meet PhD students over tea and biscuits.

Mathematical societies and groups in the UK and abroad

Research resources

Training courses

Career development

Flexible working

  • Mothers in Science, a Royal Society booklet with profiles of 64 women who have combined a scientific career with motherhood. Hosted on the Women at Cambridge website.
  • The University Childcare Office web page has much information on the assistance provided by the University to staff and students with children. This includes two day nurseries, one of which is on the West Cambridge site.

General information on University policies and procedures can be found on the Human Resources Division's website. The following links may be of interest to those with family caring responsibilities or interested in flexible working.

Mailing lists

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Dignity@Work and Dignity@Study

If you feel you are being harassed or discriminated against at work, please contact one of the following people:

  • Hannah Fox, B1.30, Tel: 37863, hf313 (at) - DAMTP Departmental Administrator
  • Nigel Peake, B1.36, Tel: 39058, N.Peake (at) - DAMTP Head of Department
  • Vivien Gruar, C1.20, Tel: 37996, vmh23 (at) - DPMMS Departmental Administrator
  • Gabriel Paternain, C1.02, Tel: 37995, G.P.Paternain (at) DPMMS Head of Department

If you are a student and feel that you are being harassed or discriminated against, you can either contact the Women's Advisers or, for all students regardless of gender, the following E&D contacts:

Detailed information on the University's policies and procedures for dealing with bullying and harassment can be found at