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Postgraduate Study in Mathematics


The Faculty Researcher Development Programme is open to DAMTP and DPMMS students.  The programme is organised into four key themes as detailed below.

The Faculty Graduate Office co-ordinates the events listed here. If you have any questions, please do drop into the office (C0.15) or email

Details and booking information are currently being added to the listing below. Where further information is available it can be accessed by clicking on the course name. Missing information will be added as soon as it is available.

A. Structured training programme for new PhD students

SPS Core Skills Training Programme

Essential training for first year students which has been designed as a starting point for researcher development.  It aims to:

  • Help you indentify your exisiting skills and skill gaps
  • Give you training in key areas of personal effectiveness and communication
  • Provide a foundation for further skills development in subsequent years
  • Give you recognition of your training upon completion of the CSTP

B. Supervision/teaching training

Supervision and Teaching Training Mandatory training for students wishing to undertake undergraduate supervision in Mathematics.
Supervising more effectively in Mathematics Workshop to discuss good practice and experience in supervising, aimed at those with at least one year of experience. Techniques are suggested for supervising students with Aspergers which also have general value for all students.
Mental Health Awareness Workshop exploring issues around mental health, stigma/discrimination, working/interacting with people who live with mental health issues and looking after one's own mental health.

C. Career development

Grants and Fellowships Applications Toolkit Workshop providing a practical learning session with the aim of building knowledge on what is required for successful grant and fellowship applications.
Alumni in Industry Day Opportunity to hear from alumni about careers outside of academia. Comprises a series of talks followed by a panel discussion.

D. Transferable Skills

Mathematics and Science Writing Two workshops aimed at helping participants to develop the ability to write clear and engaging material explaining complex mathematical and scientific ideas at a level suitable for a non-specialist audience.
Computer Training for Maths PhD students Guided self-study with experienced PhD students leading sessions.  Training offered in Pyton, R, Matlab, C, Mathematica, and C++
Training in public Schools' engagement Workshop lead by MMP aimed at helping participants develop engaging and accessible activities relating to their own resesarch to the existing mathematical knowledge and understanding of school age children and the general public.
STIMULUS Volunteer programme.  This scheme organises placements in local primary, secondary and 6th form colleges for participants to act as classroom assistants helping with maths, science, technology or computing classes.
Bite-Size Training (Lunch and Learn events) Lunch and learn development events aimed at developing general skills (e.g. communication; team working).