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News and Announcements


Stephen Siklos, 1950-2019

10 September 2019

The Faculty is saddened to report the death on 17th August of Dr Stephen Siklos.

Professor Peter Wadhams featured in 'Ice on Fire' documentary

14 August 2019

Professor Peter Wadhams (DAMTP) features as one of the contributors to the documentary film 'Ice on Fire', produced and narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio, which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival and was released in June 2019. The film deals with climate change and, in particular, with the threat from Arctic methane and the possibilities of climate restoration through direct air capture of CO2.

Professor Anne-Christine Davis awarded Richard Glazebrook Medal and Prize

2 July 2019

Professor Anne-Christine Davis (DAMTP) has been awarded the 2019 Richard Glazebrook Medal and Prize by the Institute of Physics. The prize is awarded for outstanding and sustained contributions to leadership in a physics context. Professor Davis has been recognised for her outstanding support and leadership in physics, particularly for women and those from non-traditional backgrounds, for her leadership of the UK particle cosmology community, and her gender championship roles.

Dr Anders Hansen awarded LMS Whitehead Prize

1 July 2019

Dr Anders Hansen (DAMTP) has been awarded a prestigious Whitehead Prize by the London Mathematical Society. The award recognises Dr Hansen's diverse and fundamental contributions to computational mathematics, especially his development of the Solvability Complexity Index and its corresponding classification hierarchy.

Caucher Birkar, Peter Haynes and Richard Jozsa elected as Fellows of the Royal Society

1 May 2019

Professor Caucher Birkar (DPMMS), Professor Peter Haynes (DAMTP) and Professor Richard Jozsa (DAMTP) have been elected as Fellows of the Royal Society in recognition of their outstanding contributions to science.

Celebration for Professor Anne-Christine Davis

29 March 2019

The Faculty is delighted to host a one-day workshop on 1st May 2019 to mark the retirement of Anne-Christine Davis, Professor of Mathematical Physics, to celebrate her achievements in theoretical physics, cosmology, particle physics and beyond. As well as being the first female Professor in the Faculty of Mathematics, where she holds the 1967 chair of Mathematical Physics, Professor Davis has long been a driving force in the UK cosmology community, and has done much to encourage and further the cause of women in mathematics and science more generally. From 2014 to 2017, she was Cambridge University’s Gender Equality Champion for STEMM.

Adams Prize 2019-20 Applications Now Open

15 March 2019

Applications are invited for the 2019-20 Adams Prize, one of the oldest and most prestigious prizes in the University of Cambridge. The prize will be awarded this year for achievements in the field of Algebra. The deadline for receipt of applications is 31 October 2019.

Adams Prize Winners 2018-19 Announced

4 March 2019

The Adams Prize is awarded jointly each year by the Faculty of Mathematics and St John’s College, Cambridge, to UK-based researchers, under the age of 40, doing first class international research in the Mathematical Sciences. This year's topic was 'The Mathematics of Networks', and the prize has been awarded jointly to Dr Heather Harrington (University of Oxford) and Dr Luitgard Veraart (London School of Economics and Political Science).

Dr Anders Hansen awarded 2018 IMA Prize in Mathematics and its Applications

6 December 2018

The 2018 IMA Prize in Mathematics and its Applications has been awarded to Dr Anders Hansen, head of the Applied Functional and Harmonic Analysis group within the Cambridge Centre for Analysis at DAMTP. The IMA Prize is awarded annually to a mathematical scientist who received his/her PhD degree within 10 years of the nomination year. The award recognizes an individual who has made a transformative impact on the mathematical sciences and their applications.

Professor Jack Thorne awarded 2018 SASTRA Ramanujan Prize

15 October 2018

Professor Jack Thorne (DPMMS) has been jointly awarded the 2018 SASTRA Ramanujan Prize, alongside Professor Yifeng Liu (Yale). This annual prize is for outstanding contributions by individuals not exceeding the age of 32 in areas of mathematics influenced by Ramanujan in a broad sense. Professor Thorne's prize has been awarded for his far reaching contributions to number theory, representation theory and arithmetic geometry, especially to the modularity of Galois representations and arithmetic invariant theory.