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Faculty of Mathematics


Part IA lectures on Computational Projects (CATAM)

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Materials for the Easter term 2017 lectures will appear here shortly.  There will be some small changes this year, but last year's materials (still available below) will give you an idea of what to expect.

All lectures will be held on Tues/Thurs at 10:00 in the Cockcroft Lecture Theatre (On click, map opens in new tab/window).

You may wish to right-click on the links below to save the files to your computer.  You will be prompted to log in via Raven.

# Date Topic  Associated MATLAB files (zipped)
1 Thurs 27 Apr 2017 Introduction. Example: matrix multiplication matmult.m
2 Tues 2 May 2017
3 Thurs 4 May 2017    
4 Tues 9 May 2017
5 Thurs 11 May 2017
6 Tues 16 May 2017
7 Thurs 18 May 2017
8 Tues 23 May 2017  

If you have queries about the lectures or lecture materials, please e-mail Dr Wingate at For any CATAM queries not directly related to lectures, please e-mail the CATAM helpline at

Here we provide the materials used for the Easter term 2016 lectures along with the slides shown and the code demonstrated. You should be able to click on the lecture title to access a PDF file. There will be 1 PDF file for each topic (e.g. all the notes for Gaussian elimination are given by the link for lecture 5, even though we continued the discussion into lecture 6).


# Date Topic  Associated MATLAB files (zipped)
1 Thurs 21 Apr 2016 Introduction. Example: matrix multiplication  
2 Tues 26 Apr 2016 Numbers and errors (contains 1 file)
  Thurs 28 Apr 2016 NO LECTURE  
3 Tues 3 May 2016  Example: transcendental equations (contains 4 files)
4 Thurs 5 May 2016  Example: ordinary differential equations (contiains 5 files)
5 Tues 10 May 2016 Example: Gaussian elimination 1 (contains 8 files)
6 Thurs 12 May 2016 Example: Gaussian elimination 2, Fibonnaci numbers (contains 7 files)
7 Tues 17 May 2016 Important details: write-up, submission, etc.