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PhD in Mathematics of Information


This cutting-edge training centre in the Mathematics of Information will produce a new generation of leaders in the theory and practice of modern data science, with an emphasis on the mathematical underpinnings of this new scientific field. The programme will continue activities of CCIMI as well as those of CCA, with significant new components. As the relevant skill sets are multi-faceted in nature, ranging from computational, algorithmic to analytical and statistical expertise, they are best acquired in an interdisciplinary, cohort-based education system that exposes all students simultaneously to the many interlaced aspects of mathematics in data science, with the possibility of industrial collaboration. Subject areas of key importance are identified: large scale optimisation and variational methods, high-dimensional and non-parametric statistics, functional data analysis, Bayesian inference, mathematical inverse problems, partial differential equations, quantum information theory and computing, operations research and statistical learning theory, probability & random matrix theory, ergodic- & computational complexity theory. The centre will provide the opportunity to write a PhD thesis in any of these subject areas in pure or applied mathematics.

Current CCIMI projects can be viewed here. New projects are also welcomed.

The CMI team consists of Prof Richard Nickl (Director), Dr Randolf Altmeyer (Deputy Director), Dr Hamza Fawzi (Co-director), Tessa Blackman (Administrator); and Prof Carola Schönlieb (Non-executive Co-director).

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