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Industrial Collaboration


Morgan Stanley, Jason Ricci and Yana Afanasyeva

Stochastic control in FX e-Trading      

JP Morgan, Gregory Sidier and Ben Wood

Quantitative Research and Machine learning at J.P. Morgan        

Amazon, Neil Lawrence

Real World Machine Learning Challenges: Present and Future

PwC Holly Rostill and Matt Wixey

Cryptography at PwC 

Spotify, Martin Gould 

Do Androids Dream of Electric Beats? Using Artificial Intelligence to Understand Music.                      

GSK,  Dr Nicola Richmond

Can lattice theory help find a cure for paralysis?

google DeepMind,  Audrunas Gruslys 

Decision-making and artificial general intelligence using deep neural networks

Tesco,  Neil Roques 

How Tesco is using maths to serve Britain's shoppers better

Facebook, Daniel Haimovich 

Implicit surveys at Facebook

D-Fine Dr Helge Grutjen and Dr Suren Sorathia 

Below zero: Negative interest rates as a challenge for the financial sector

Cantab Capital,  Dr Chris Longworth 

Modelling commodity prices using novel data sources