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Industrial Collaboration



Mathematics underpins so many things we take for granted - smart phones, weather forecasting, architecture, 3D software, structural engineering, sensing technologies, are just a few examples. Indeed, the fruits of mathematical research - such as the resulting techniques and algorithms, affect the daily lives of everyone and the economic impact of mathematics is already well proven.

The University of Cambridge's Centre for Mathematical Sciences (CMS) and Big Data Initiative, in partnership with the Turing Gateway to Mathematics highlighted areas of research and expertise in a showcase event, that took place on Wednesday 20th April 2016 at the Centre for Mathematical Sciences in Wilberforce Road, Cambridge.

A wide range of talks were given by leading researchers, highlighting areas of mathematical and Big Data sciences. An exhibition ran during the lunch break and the afternoon session. The day ended with a drinks and networking reception between 5.00-6.00PM.

The Showcase presented a great opportunity to see what Cambridge has to offer and better understand the diversity and impact that the research in mathematics and big data at Cambridge can make on business and policy across a wide range of areas. Researchers were on hand to discuss specific areas of maths and big data and there was opportunities for delegates to take tours of the GK Batchelor Fluid Dynamics Laboratory and also see the COSMOS Computer. The exhibition included research groups, industrial case studies posters, the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Analysis, the new Cantab Capital Institute for the Mathematics of Information and details of project opportunities for industry.


Aims and Objectives

Subjects of talks included industrial areas such as materials and chemical decontamination, mathematical biology, financial maths, cosmology, communications and social sciences. The Showcase presented an excellent opportunity to bring together scientists from mathematics and other disciplines such as physics, chemistry, engineering etc, with interested parties from industry, government and public sectors.

The Showcase gave participants a great opportunity to:

  • Meet leading mathematicians and other scientists involved in state-of-the-art mathematical techniques and methods across multiple areas including Big Data
  • Learn more about the potential of mathematics to help provide solutions to real-world problems
  • Find out how to collaborate and partner with the University through research, projects and studentships
  • Network with senior researchers, industry and Government

The Programme is available.