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Faculty of Mathematics


If you are a student wishing to apply the Post Masters Placement scheme please follow the steps below:

Step 1. Find a suitable placement (from the list of Academic PMP Hosts or Industrial PMP Hosts). Email the contact listed or follow the application process as directed by the company.

Step 2. When you agreed a project with a host lab or company, complete the PMP (academic) or PMP (industrial) application form below, as appropriate.

Academic PMP Student Application Form

Industrial PMP Student Application Form

Step 3.
Academic PMP's only
Ask your prospective supervisor (PI) to e-mail us, confirming:
- her or his willingness to be responsible for your work in her/his lab/department
- you will be given a desk, library access as required
- the lab/department will be responsible for all overheads including cost of academic computing. (PMP students continue to have access to CMS, the Library, and basic email and internet connection through the term of their project.)

The following considerations will influence our decisions (in no order):

  1. We wish to maximise the number of placements. Therefore the projects which can offer support will have some priority.
  2. Similarity, students who can find means of support through College or other bursaries will have some priority.
  3. We wish to develop new links with labs we have not worked with.
  4. We wish to recognise those who have put a lot of thought into their choice of project.
  5. We wish to encourage students whose mathematical interests are not normally considered applicable (pure subjects and theoretical physics).